Xmgrace Tips and Tricks

Shortcuts for symbols

\cabc...ABC...\C letters with accents, tildes, etc à â ã ... À Â Ã ...
\cE\C Angström symbol,
\f{Symbol}a b c d e...\f{} greek letters (1) α β χ δ ε ...
\xa b c d e ...\f{} greek letters (2) α β χ δ ε ...
\x\c%\C\f{} infinite symbol
\x\c6\C\f{} partial derivative symbol
\x\c9\C\f{} not equal symbol
\x\c1\C\f{} plus-minus sign ±

Shortcuts for police

\0 Times-Roman
\1 Times-Italic
\2 Time-Bold
\3 Time-BoldItalic
\4 Helvetica
\5 Helvetica-Oblique
\6 Helvetica-Bold
\7 Helvetica-BoldOblique
\f{} get back to original font

Shortcuts for text manipulation

\+ increase size
\- decrease size
\b backspace (size of previous character)
\u begin underline
\U stop underline
\q begin italic
\Q stop italic
\s subscript
\S superscript
\N normal
\n newline
\o begin overline
\O end overline
\r{x} rotate elements by x degrees anticlockwise
\r{-x} cancel rotation